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33 – Mirinda Carfrae from 5’3″ Basketball Pipsqueak to 3-time Ironman World Champion

December 8, 2016

Meet Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae. One of the best Ironman athletes of all time. She won the Hawaii Ironman in 2010, 2013 and 2014. She's been on the podium seven times. She toed the starting line eight times. The only time she didn't finish in the top three was when she was hit by a car during a training ride just days before the race in 2015. But she wasn't always an Ironman rockstar.

32 – Alison Teal from Naked & Afraid to Protecting our Oceans

November 27, 2016

Alison Teal has been dubbed today's "Female Indiana Jones" by Time Magazine. She journeys into ancient cultures with her camera and a pink eco surfboard to uncover and share global secrets of survival, sustainability, health and happiness through her comedic and inspirational film series Alison's Adventures. Alison was catapulted into the public eye when she accepted the offer to do the Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" show, garnering the highest survival rating and highest viewed episode ever. She has used this platform to continue pushing her agenda for awareness of environmental issues

31 – Rachel Kodanaz on Living with Loss

November 22, 2016

Rachel Kodanaz experienced the unthinkable. At 31 years old, with a 2 year old daughter, she became a widow after her husband went out for an 8-mile run at lunch one day, had a heart arrhythmia, and never came home. She decided to do the Hawaii Ironman, her husband's bucket list item, as a way to honor his memory and hold him close to her through this time. Over the years, she has become an expert in helping others deal with loss and grief.

30 – Dana D from Drug Addict to Love Addict

November 13, 2016

Dana D is one of the most brutally genuine people on this planet. She does everything hard; there is no half-assedery in her world. I met Dana many years ago when I knew her only as the Walnut-Cafe-Lady. I later came to know her as so much more. Dana recently came to Skirt Sports to speak about a topic important to her - love. Today she elaborates on that topic and her path to this place in her life.