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28 – Ash Beckham From the Closet to the TED Stage

October 28, 2016

Prolific speaker Ash Beckham burst onto the scene after a Boulder Ignite talk in 2013. Her first-ever attempt at public speaking blew up the internet and started her on a track to activism that she didn’t expect. Ash blew people’s... View Article

26 – Sue Jacques Life Lessons From a Death Investigator

October 13, 2016

Sue Jacques is the original Forensic Death Investigator. She came before death was sexy. Before Law & Order and CSI. She and Quincy could have been friends. Sue had a long career analyzing death. And through it all, she learned important lessons on how to LIVE more fully because the one great equalizer for all of us is death.

25 – Kara Burns on Forgiving Yourself

October 3, 2016

Kara Burns opens up about what happens when your bad decisions cost you one of the most precious relationships you can have - the relationship with your child.

24 – Kara Burns from Prison to 26.2

September 27, 2016

The title of this episode is no joke. Kara is a grateful, hard-working, enlightened survivor of a previous life full of bad choices and tough situations. She's refreshingly open and honest about her struggles and moreso about what she's learned from them. In my opinion this might be the best episode I've recorded yet.