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8 – Pam Burrus on The Power of Connecting

April 26, 2016

Meet Pam Burrus, founder of Moms Run This Town / She Runs This Town. I met Pam a couple years ago in a coffee shop in Chicago and we immediately hit it off. Let's just say we didn't need coffee to summon any energy! Pam is all about helping women find their happy place.

7 – Kim & Jake Rosenbarger on Gluten Free Living

April 15, 2016

Welcome to Episode 6 of Run This World. Today’s episode features my friends, Kim & Jake Rosenbarger, owner of Kim & Jake’s gluten free bakery. They started with a cake shop in Boulder and have expanded This is my first husband-wife interview. I wish we were on video because the spousal dynamic was pretty awesome.

6 – Erin Carson on Training for Life

April 1, 2016

Welcome to Episode 6 of Run This World. Today’s episode features Erin Carson, former pro athlete, "Trainer to the Tri Stars," owner of RallySport in Boulder, and generally awesome person. Erin has such an open, nurturing view of the world. She truly wants people to enjoy long, happy lives. As she says, "There are a lot of winners out there. If you can finish and say, 'I did the best I could,' then you win. That’s winning."

5 – Rip Esselstyn on Eating Strong Food

March 23, 2016

Meet Rip Esselstyn, a man of many talents. I first knew Rip as an incredibly talented pro triathlete who raced against my husband Tim in the mid 90s. After his triathlon career, he became a firefighter in Austin, TX. It was there that he founded the Engine 2 empire which started as a macho “who has the lowest cholesterol” contest between firefighters and has become a massive movement in the plant-powered arena. He’s one of those people who is truly changing the world and I can’t wait to share his outlook with you.

4 – Kathrine Switzer on Being Fearless and Free

March 13, 2016

Episode 4. Be inspired by running legend and women's rights activist Kathrine Switzer as she talks running, strength, men (turn the volume up here!), and her global non-profit 261 Fearless.