Introducing the 261 Fearless Collection

March 3, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Kathrine Switzer & Nicole DeBoom team up to launch the 261 Fearless Collection with Skirt Sports running apparel.


Unite with women everywhere and express your freedom to run. Be it your first mile or 100th mile, Be Fearless Be Free.


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Kathrine’s story

In 1967, Kathrine changed the sport of running as she became the first woman to officially run and finish the Boston Marathon. She stood strong as race officials tried to push her off the marathon course and strip her of her #261 race bib (no women allowed!). Finishing the race with more determination than ever, Kathrine went on to create the groundbreaking Avon International women’s race series which introduced the sport of running to women around the globe. She was also instrumental in bringing the Woman’s Marathon to the Olympics. Today, she is using that special bib number to unite women everywhere. 261 has come to mean so much more than a number; it symbolizes strength, courage, confidence, sisterhood and most importantly, fearlessness.

Watch Kathrine’s retelling of the 1967 Boston Marathon >

Nicole’s story

Almost 40 years later, Nicole DeBoom, a professional triathlete donned a prototype of the first ever running skirt and won Ironman Wisconsin.  Propelled by the excitement of women who witnessed her courageous race, in 2004, Nicole launched her business, Skirt Sports, and brought the running skirt to market. Her message that women did not need to sacrifice their femininity for their athleticism sparked a revolution in the women’s athletic clothing industry. Today, Nicole uses Skirt Sports to inspire women to live a healthy active lifestyle and motivate them to pursue their greatest fitness ambitions.

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