Run This World

109 – Kara Burns will Never. Quit. Trying

Kara Burns has the kind of inner energy that she just can’t contain as she touches on so many raw, personal topics today. If you’ve been a Run This World listener for a long time now, you will remember episode 24 “From Prison to 26.2” where we tackled her story from the bottom up as a former meth addict and felon. I remember trying to figure out how to ask some difficult questions, and I realized there’s no tactful way, so I literally said, “So how does one start doing meth?” Kara was a few years out of federal prison at that point and her calling was just becoming evident.

Today we have an entirely different kind of conversation. Today’s podcast is all about being unwilling to fail. It’s all about taking a past full of shame and guilt and turning it into the most beautiful, authentic message of hope and love. Today Kara is all about going FORWARD and she’s taking so many others with her. Her story gives people hope that they CAN change their lives. They CAN start over. They CAN make good decisions. They CAN be happy. Kara inspires me and I know she will inspire you too. Please note, there are a few swear words and some sexual innuendos in this episode – in case little ears are listening.

Today we talk about:

  • Kara’s relationship with her daughter today
  • We weren’t going to dig into her past life of drugs and prison, but we did anyway 🙂
  • Head trash: the stories we tell ourselves
  • Addiction: how important it is to know your triggers
  • Making new associations: Dress for Success and Running Start
  • Mentors: Creating your network
  • Giving back: ReStart is helping others just like her
  • Be unwilling to fail.

This is Kara’s 3rd appearance on the podcast and it is nothing short of spectacular. Kara is truly as dynamic as she sounds. This conversation is 100% authentic, just like she says. There is huge laughter, moments of awkward silence, and tearful, raw emotion as Kara grasps for what she feels compelled to convey. You feel like you’re in the room with her even through the airwaves and I believe that is the sign of someone who transcends. Kara is more than her past. She is more than whatever she will do in the future. She is like an authentic magical being who brings light and happiness to people. Okay the love fest is obviously full-on, from me and probably you too. If you want to connect with Kara, hit her up on Instagram at never.quit.trying – reach out to her for anything. I know! Hit her up to mentor you! Okay I’ll leave you all on a big huge high. Let’s get ourselves out there, let’s make Kara Burns proud and let’s go run this world! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!