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120 – Adelaide Perr “If You’re Not Happy, Do Something Different”

Meet the incredible Adelaide Perr. Apparently I met Adelaide many years ago, you’ll hear more about that in the interview, but I came to know about her as a woman who in 2014 suffered serious trauma due to a bike/car crash. Not only did Adelaide live to tell about it, but she has thrived. We hit on more than the crash that changed her life; we talk about the ensuing emotional trauma made more complicated by bipolar disorder that affects not only the victim but everyone in her life. And finally the fact that she became a pro athlete AFTER the crash which means she had to figure out not only how to get back on the bike, but how to race on the bike.

Today we talk about:

  • Riding a bike: Before & After a near death crash
  • Making decisions & moving forward
  • The crash that almost killed her
  • Marriage proposal in the hospital
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • Legal system: how Adelaide had to prove that she was in fact a victim
  • Happiness is in our control

Adelaide’s final nugget is this, “If you’re not happy, Make the changes. Step outside the box. Do something different.”

When we realize that we control our own happiness, that is power. To connect with Adelaide, visit her website Be the Beast Coaching. And as she mentioned, if you have bipolar disorder, she wants to be a resource for you. This is something she had trouble finding and she knows how important it is to support each other.  You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram at @realtricouple.

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