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132 – Lisa Hallett Runs to Remember

Lisa Hallett is a purveyor of love, light and energy. She’s the co-founder of Wear Blue: Run to Remember a national nonprofit running community that honors the service and sacrifice of the American military. I believe that the most powerful movements are started organically by someone or a group of people who are in need of something that fills a void or makes their lives more complete. Wear Blue was started because early in her marriage, Lisa’s husband, John, was killed while deployed in Afghanistan. As she navigated her new reality, she needed to find a way to remember John. She found it through running. Lisa’s story, while tragic and difficult, is also comforting and helpful to so many others who have suffered loss.


Interview note: I want to let you know that Lisa and I were besieged by those annoying little bings that were somehow getting through the airwaves. We actually stopped and started a couple times to try to solve the problem. We literally thought we nailed it and that we could start a tech company next, only to hear more bings as we went. We decided to ignore them and keep going. So you’ll hear a couple spots where we stopped and couldn’t figure out where we left off and you’ll also hear some bings. So what this really means is that we’re human, that Lisa is really popular, and that I need to figure out how to eliminate the notifications once and for all!

Wear Blue: Run to Remember. ​Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & 1⁄2 Marathon 2016. (Photo: JORDAN STEAD |

Today we talk about:

  • Growing up with John & realizing in high school that he was the one
  • Lisa & John: the early romantic years in high school and college
  • Marriage proposal on a mountain top
  • Military life: community, support, long distance
  • Having her 3rd baby without John (he was just deployed)
  • John’s death: how Lisa found out & the immediate aftermath
  • Running through grief
  • Finding solace and support with others honoring their fallen loved ones
  • Wear Blue: Run to Remember
  • Finding happiness again
  • The beautiful messiness of parenting
  • And so much more

Lisa is all of these things: Powerful. Captivating. Inspiring. Human. It’s the last part that I think makes us feel so connected to her and her journey. For more on Lisa Hallett and Wear Blue, check out:

Even if you don’t have a direct connection to the military, you can still support the work she’s doing to help others. Because as Lisa says, even when times are so tough it’s hard to simply function, you will survive not because you have to but because you want to. Remember that.