Welcome to Episode 14 of Run This World with Shiz Gerami. Shiz is an Iranian female triathlete. I met Shiz through a mutual friend, Chrissie Wellington, who has a huge passion and interest in helping women around the world overcome barriers through sport. Chrissie connected me to help Shiz find a clothing solution that aligns with her cultural and religious beliefs.


In addition to clothing, we took some time to talk about all sorts of issues that women face in life and sport, specifically cultural barriers that seem insurmountable. From growing up in Iran, to being taken hostage on a hiking trip with friends (hear more about this in her TEDx talk), to finding triathlon while living in London, to preparing for this year’s Hawaii Ironman, Shiz has a beautiful, calming, strong, inspired outlook on life.
In this episode, we discuss the following:Shirin+Gerami+PruHealth+World+Triathlon+Grand+MiRwyhavz_3l


  • Importance of taking steps forward, even when you feel shy or insecure – and how she met Chrissie
  • Clothing requirements as an Iranian woman athlete – difficult path to finding a suitable uniform that would still be high performance
  • Sports as a way of expressing gratitude.
  • The importance of asking “why”
  • The 2016 Hawaii Ironman World Championships!

This is such an awesome episode. In case you didn’t hear the final poem Shiz recited, I’m copying it here – it’s a great reminder for all of us.

“If you seek the light within anything,

You will find a light that shines within it.”



Unknown-2If you want to connect with Shiz, you can find her on her website or Facebook. I encourage you to watch her TEDx talk – she is truly an elegant, eloquent, and wise woman who is inspiring so many. Whether she realizes it or not, she is setting an example for other women that they can pursue their dreams, even when faced with barriers that seem impossible to break through.


imgresI hope you enjoyed the show today. If you did, please share it with a friend and be sure to comment here. I want to hear your thoughts and feedback and any suggestions you have for future guests.



All right folks– you know what time it is. It’s time to go out and Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!