Run This World

141 – Richard Moss Shares the Secrets of Radical Aliveness

Richard Moss was a doctor who one day experienced a spontaneous state of illumination that irreversibly changed his life and profoundly transformed his understanding of human consciousness and behavior. With this opening came a new level of sensibility including a heightened intuition, subtle insight into mystical and spiritual teachings, and the ability to sense human body-energy fields. I know this may sound a bit out there or confusing. We talk about it in depth in the interview. And think about this, Richard is a spiritual teacher who is very in tune with human body energy fields. I honestly had no idea how this interview would go and I was overly aware of my energy fields that day!

In the end, the conversation was awesome. Note: it is not a light, surface level interview. We talk about how we can find true peace and happiness – and In the end, we were both so happily surprised at the direction of our conversation. It’s funny; I was a little worried that I wouldn’t quite be able to connect to someone who many consider to be truly enlightened as I’m still an enlightenment work in progress, and Richard had this preconception that I would be an aggressive, competitive athlete type trying to prove something. When we finished the interview we said, I think we need to be friends! Good think Richard lives in Boulder, now I can hang out with him more easily!

Today we talk about:

  • Richard’s “spontaneous state of illumination”
  • Choosing a career based on its ability to allow you to do other things you love
  • Relationships on all levels: specifically with yourself
  • Rock climbing and how it is a spiritual practice
  • Radical aliveness: What this means
  • Conscious breathing: “There is only now”
  • What does enlightenment really mean?
  • What we can do to gain enlightenment


After listening to this episode you may feel a connection to Richard and have a desire to get involved with him at one of his retreats or other programs he offers. Coming up in Oct, he has a Deep Work Retreat in North Carolina. These are 2-3 day “Deep Work” retreats for individuals or couples intended to assist you in diving into the inner work that is most vital to your life at this time. You will acquire new insights and gain powerful tools that will enable you to move forward and make whatever essential changes your life is calling you toward. If you’re intrigued, then I think this conversation will be perfect for you right now.

This is a conversation with many many levels. It’s like just when I thought we got to the core of something, there is another layer, another core beyond it. This episode also had me thinking about how we reflect the energy around us. I felt like I was using my gentle voice throughout. Sort of like Richard’s final nugget. Be gentle with yourself. Then be more gentle and more gentle still. I know many of you are out running or exercising or simply running around right now and it’s tough to feel gentle when you’re out there pushing your body, but maybe just maybe that’s really the key to finding your flow. To becoming radically alive. To let it all go and just be. I’ll let that one simmer while you listen to this conversation with Richard Moss. For more Richard, go to and check out what he has to offer.