Run This World

142 – No Regrets with Liz Delise

Liz Delise is tenacious. She’s a mom of 5 kids, one of whom has autism, a military wife, a chronic illness warrior, a runner and one of the most inspirational, positive energy people you’ll ever come across. She’s also a Skirt ambassador and a Patron of this podcast. When I launched my Patreon account a few months ago, she was the first person to jump on board and support me in this effort to bring more positivity to the world. It makes sense because she is also a purveyor of positivity – despite the hurdles she faces on a daily basis.

Today we go beyond the surface of this seemingly everyday woman juggling kids, marriage, health and her passions. We talk about issues many of us face on a daily basis and how Liz always comes back to a place of positivity despite the obstacles including the following:

  • Becoming a mom of five kids (when her husband originally said he didn’t want any kids at all!)
  • Autoimmune diseases: Liz was diagnosed with five difficult to pronounce diseases & continues to manage them today
  • Being a mom of an autistic child: The guilt she has overcome due to a work incident when she had her autistic son Tedy
  • Being a military wife
  • How she adapted when her husband was injured
  • Antepartum depression
  • Her running journey began when she was 9 months pregnant with her second child

Liz sent me an update after we recorded:

“The kiddos and I completed the North Carolina State Parks Passport Adventure.  We visited all 41 of North Carolina’s state parks in under a year.  We had started in early July 2018 and finished up June 26, 2019.  It was such a fun adventure for us.  The kids did amazing hiking.  While hiking it was the first time I truly realized that Tedy can actually read – he has been so good about identifying trails for us when I ask him to point the way.”

The thing about Liz is that she makes everyone around her feel loved and supported. I’m sure you could feel that. So how about we give her some love and support and follow her at @ramblingmom. Today has been a blast! Let’s keep the momentum going. Become a Patron like Liz – go to

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