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146 – 15 Years is a Long Time for Anything – Musings from Nicole

Today I share stories from the past 15 years. Actually it started well before 2004, back to when I was a kid and no one could tell if I was a boy or a girl! Today gender is fluid; it’s not so much of an issue. But it was back then and it created insecurities about my femininity that ultimately led to the start of Skirt Sports.

Today my company is so much more than a skirt created to help me feel pretty. It’s a community of women who come together in so many ways to share their love of fitness.

There are a few things I can’t quite grasp today. That I’ve been running Skirt Sports for 15 years. That my company has evolved to something so much more than a seller of products. And that I was in really really REALLY good shape back then!

To celebrate Skirt Sports is giving $20 to everyone! Spend it. Buy something amazing that makes you feel good. Remember my old mantra. Look good Feel good Perform better. Use the code 15YEARS at or at our Boulder store. Do it now!