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157 – “I Have to Love Myself” – Tunde Borrego on Relapse, Sex, Affairs & Yoga

I met Tunde Borrego at Core Power Yoga. It was my second ever yoga class, Tunde was my instructor, and I remember thinking to myself, “I’m not sure what the heck is going on, but there’s something about this woman.” After class, she told me, “Just give me three tries before you decide if you like me.

Well guess what? I like Tunde. A lot. I realized that at each class I really looked forward to her energy and the freedom to simply be me in class. Each time she taught, Tunde was share a new insight about herself and each time she shared, I thought, “There is so much more to this woman than I ever imagined.” Finally I told her about my podcast and asked her to come on the show.

The cool thing about this episode is that I didn’t know Tunde’s background beforehand. All I knew were the snippets she shared in class and my gut feeling that we would have an awesome conversation. I promise it does not disappoint.

Today we talk about:

  • Relationships: Marriage, affairs, divorce and more
  • Alcoholism: becoming sober and relapsing
  • Sex Sex and more Sex 😍
  • Yoga in all its glory & shout out to CorePower Yoga
  • Mantras for self-love and forgiveness: May you be well. May you be at peace. Thank you for the lessons.
  • Self-loathing: “My body was my enemy”
  • Bulimia: Emotional eating started at 14
  • Self-acceptance leads to self-love
  • The Peace Tree: why she needs to hike there every day
  • “When I can be of service, that’s when I feel the best.”
  • Her short stint in jail & how she now teaches yoga in jail

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