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159 – “What’s the Best That Can Happen?” plus CBD, Brain Injuries & More with Pamela Robichaud

Pamela Robichaud is many things: Physical therapist, entrepreneur, athlete, road warrior, daughter, sister, wife and lover of spuds. Pamela and I go way back. I met her when she was a Skirt Ambassador, recruited by her husband Jon Robichaud (note: men don’t usually recruit women to our brand!). The funny thing is that she quit being an ambassador to go on a year-long road trip – a life-changing experience prompted by many things including their decision to stop trying to have kids and a very scary bike crash. Big decisions often happen when we go through events that bring us perspective. In this case, they decided it was time to take a different road. They bought a camper van and went on the road for a year.

Today I know Pamela mostly for her work as a body healer and entrepreneur. She and Jon took their passion for health and fitness as they became founding members of iKor, a Boulder-based CBD brand focused on helping endurance athletes recover better. CBD is a big buzzword these days, but there is still a lot of misconception around what it actually is and how it can help us. We cut through the hype and get to the heart of the matter. CBD is very personal; people take it for all sorts of reasons and with a range of results. From there we go on a fun ride of topics that resonate with just about everyone on some level including (but not limited to!):

  • Startup life: iKor Labs is working to make athletes’ lives better
  • CBD in all its glory: Basic scientific background, recovery, sleep, anxiety, depression and other benefits
  • iKor products: Daily, Topical, Recovery Shots
  • iKor discount: Use code RecoverBetter for 20% off!
  • Placebo effects and why they aren’t a bad thing either way
  • Boundaries: how she learned to protect hers
  • Brain injuries & how they can affect an entire family: Pamela’s brother, Nicolas, and his accident 15 years ago
  • Physical Therapy: What led Pamela to pursue this career
  • Her work at Koa Fit with the amazing Brenna Backe
  • Relationships: the long, winding road of Pamela’s great love story
  • Changing direction on one of life’s big topics: Kids
  • The Boston Bombing
  • Being tickled, spuds and more

Pamela is smart, funny, real, compassionate and badass. She’s someone we could all use a little more of in our lives. Follow her on social and be sure to use the code RecoverBetter for 20% off iKor products!