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160 – “You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For” with Julie Piatt

I became aware of Julie Piatt and the amazing things she is doing to make this world a better place through a person she calls her polar opposite, her husband, Rich Roll, episode 122 “Rich Roll on the Other Side of the Mic.” So it’s not surprising that we start by launching into the power of attraction, friction, and her ultimate realization that in order to best love and support her husband, she needed to separate herself from his journey.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but that’s what it feels like to chat with Julie. I went into the interview with a whole list of topics I thought we might cover, but as we embarked on each one, so many new topics presented themselves that I had trouble keeping up. I realized that I needed to separate myself from the interview and just let Julie shine bright – this is her gift to the world.

Julie Piatt is an old soul who was born waiting for the time that she could break free to follow her own path. Her maternal grandfather was a Chilean energy healer; as she says, “We all know one person like me.” She’s a born healer who herself has been healing and growing and sharing her energy with anyone lucky enough to come across her. I realized partway through this interview that all I needed to do was give her the room to share her wisdom on a range of topics. We could have talked for another hour, but I’ll save all those other topics (& the ones I don’t even know about yet) for a future episode.

Today she shares the following and so much more:

  • Marriage: Her journey with Rich Roll
  • How polar opposites can create the most rewarding union
  • Letting go of the dream that we have to live the same path as our partner & embracing that our journeys can be different
  • Divine Love is like the sun: It loves everything in creation without judgment
  • Her growth experiences during a nine year period of financial collapse
  • Learning how to receive & learning how to give
  • Her DFO (Don’t Freak Out) philosophy
  • Motherhood: Be open to the lessons your kids are teaching you
  • Her childhood in Alaska as the youngest of five children
  • Born-again Christian at 11, experimenting with drugs at 12, done with all that at 16
  • How we can help those we know who are suffering
  • Her passionate thoughts on why we need to stop consuming meat and dairy: check out Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown. Plant eating is the #4 way we can reverse global warming
  • Srimu: It’s not just a Not Cheese Company – Do Life. Not Cheese.
  • Damanhur Retreats (and others): For people who are ready to uncover their spiritual missions
  • And so much more

I believe Julie’s special talent is to help others uncover their special talents – and this all starts with remembering who we are at the core so we can live our authentic life missions. After hearing this episode, you may need some time to absorb. There are many messages that hit home. To get in touch with Julie and learn more about all the things she does to help other people, check out her website:

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