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161 – Pelvic Floor 101 with Carolyn Yates Plus Incontinence, Kegels & Orgasms

Carolyn Yates is a healer – of an area that many women are afraid to talk about – pelvic floors. When we first chatted about the upcoming interview, she said, “Women should not have to suffer in silence about their pelvic floors.” I agree – time to end the suffering! The only way to do that is to have open, candid conversations about body parts that can be very uncomfortable to discuss. It’s funny – I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to using medical terms for various body parts and functions. Today we get into all of them: Vaginas, the uterus, rectums, feces, orgasms, urine, you name it.

The pelvic floor is the the center of the conversation, and as it turns out, our bodies! Carolyn gives a visual demo of how to locate your pelvic floor during the conversation and we say kegel a lot which will make you feel like you’re getting a workout just listening, because who doesn’t immediately kegel when you hear the word kegel?

Today we cover:

  • How Carolyn became a Pelvic Floor Therapist : the crazy nature of group classes with student exams
  • The Obtrator Internus: A hip stabilizer that can only be accessed internally (vaginally or rectally)
  • What pelvic floor therapy (PFT) is: What you can expect if you go to a PFT
  • Who can benefit from PFT: It’s not just for old women or women who have given birth
  • Athletes and pregnancy: How to prep your body for birth from a pelvic floor perspective
  • After birth: How to get rolling again – check out her Return to Run Program here
  • Prolapse: What it is and how to treat it
  • Orgasms: How pelvic floor therapy can make your orgasms better
  • Periods: Ways to limit the discomfort through PFT
  • Incontinence: Stress, Urge and Mixed
  • And a bunch of prying questions about Carolyn’s personal life: Relationships, running, dancing, and more

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