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164 – Exercise is a Lifestyle with Christie Bruner

Christie Bruner is an entrepreneur, swim coach, trainer, Girls on the Run coach, MRTT leader, healthy school advocate, Community Engagement Supervisor for Healthy St Pete, wife & mom of three daughters. That is a lot for one person to take on in this world. As you listen to Christie and start to understand her philosophy on life, you’ll see how she does it – by prioritizing the most important things and carving off everything else that doesn’t align.

I met Christie at the Skirt Sports Half Marathon about six years ago – she was drawn to our message of positivity and inclusivity. The funny thing is that we grew up in the same town, both hard core swimmers, with a lifelong focus on health and fitness. Christie is a Skirt ambassador who passionately shares her health and fitness philosophy with everyone around her. Her focus has expanded from personal health goals to advocating for her daughters so that they too will have access to the things that help form a foundation for lifelong wellness. The trick when advocating for others is to make sure you don’t lose track of yourself along the way. I think you’ll appreciate Christie’s approach to all of this and more.

Today we talk about:

  • The importance of a flexible mindset as it applies to both proactive and reactive approaches to issues in life
  • Entrepreneur life: Specifically Momtrepreneur life with a Baby Boot Camp franchise
  • Exercise as a lifestyle: Modeling fitness behavior for kids
  • Why we need to celebrate the little victories
  • Action for Healthy Kids: Apply for a grant to make change in your children’s lives
  • Recess Mom: Why Christie advocated for 20 minutes of unstructured, uninterrupted recess for her children
  • Taking time for yourself when you’re so busy taking time for others
  • Why doing sports is so important as a child: Christie’s swimming background
  • Fear of failure: Christie wrote her thesis on mental blocks & training yourself to move around them
  • Finding comfort in discomfort

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