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165 – Damiana Corca Helps People Sleep Easily

Damiana Corca is a sleep specialist. She discovered her passion for helping people solve their sleep issues after moving to the US from Romania and earning her acupuncture degree. Damiana is open, honest and she truly cares about the well-being of her clients. She is basically an expert puzzle-solver. People come to her with issues and it’s her job to figure out the core so she doesn’t waste time simply treating the symptoms.

Today she shares so much more than tips and tricks to better sleep – I promise she also shares these in a big way! She shares her journey which is interesting and complex, filled with love, heartbreak and transformation. And she leaves all of you with an amazing gift in the form of a custom e-book called “The Hour Before Sleep.” Click here to sign up and you’ll get practical tools to help with that important hour before you close your eyes each night.

This episode includes:

  • Damiana’s early years as one of eight children growing up in Romania
  • Feeling unseen
  • Her calling as a teacher: How Damiana started a stopped both a teaching degree and a law degree
  • Finding acupuncture and the power of healing others
  • Her path to specializing in sleep
  • Sleep 101: how much we need & what happens when we don’t get it
  • Causes that can lead to poor sleep: stress, hormones, digestive issues, toxic overload
  • Napping: how to nap properly
  • Some tips on setting up your sleep space
  • And so much more

Don’t forget to sign up for her free ebook “The Hour Before Sleep.” 

For more on Damiana:

  • Click here for a free consult
  • FB & IG @drdamianacorca