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167 – Mike Reilly the Voice that Brings You Home

Mike Reilly has called over 350,000 athletes across the finish lines of over 180 IRONMAN races around the world for the last 30 years. People spend months and even years dreaming about the day that they will cross the line of their dream race and hear these four words, “You are an IRONMAN!” Mike has literally become a symbol of accomplishment for so many people. He is the finish line voice that puts the final stamp on a journey that changes lives. Mike does not take this lightly. He understands the responsibility of his role in this transformational moment.

Mike started his professional life in a classroom, but was quickly lured to southern California to work in the running industry with his brother. He got into the sport of triathlon and fell in love with the lifestyle. And he still loves it today – deeply and passionately. Mike became an announcer by accident and we’re lucky he did. He’s one of the best people on the planet and if you ever have the chance to be called across a finish line by him, all I can say is soak it in.

Our conversation is fun, deep, insightful and inspiring. Plus there is an appearance by the elusive Tim DeBoom!

We cover:

  • Finish Lines
  • Control: We are the cause of our own experiences
  • Corona Era Musings
  • When a job is actually a passion or as Mike says, he is “playing with my passion”
  • Mike’s roots: Special Ed Teacher turned running store owner turned shoe rep
  • Accidental entrance into race announcing
  • How Mike was signed up for Kona, but was invited to announce instead. He never did the race and has no regrets!
  • The phrase that changes lives: 4 important words
  • Taking care of ourselves trumps everything
  • It’s in the giving that we receive
  • And so much more

For more Mike Reilly

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