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171 – “Being Positive is a Choice I Make Every Single Day” Kristen Horler of Momleta

Kristen Horler is living an intentional life. She makes sh*t happen, not in a spastic, compulsive way, but with careful thought about the message she wants to put out in the world. Over 18 years ago, Kristen had a baby. It turns out that baby birthed a business. She found herself craving connection while attempting to regain her fitness and she couldn’t find a program that catered to moms with babies. You either had to wait until the baby was older and bring them to a gym that had childcare or you had to get a babysitter so you could leave your baby at home to work on yourself.


One day she decided to grab some other new mom friends, bring her baby along, and do a workout together in a park. It was a massive hit. Not only did the moms get a productive workout, they didn’t have to worry about leaving their babies behind. Pretty soon, there was a big group of women working out together with their babies, so Kristen started crafting stroller-inclusive exercises and moves that included baby-carrying. Then the idea became contagious and spread from northern California to Texas to cities all across the country and Baby Boot Camp was officially off and running.

Kristen went from being a fitness guru to a full-on entrepreneur with a thriving nation-wide franchise. The years went on and Kristen grew the business and honed her craft. She has experienced the ups and downs that come with almost two decades of owning a business. The celebrations and the doubts. And more recently, a rebirth to Momleta – a community of resources that serve the whole mom from health and fitness to nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

Kristen is a truly inspirational woman who is living her calling every single day. Today we talk about:

  • Kristen’s path to entrepreneurship: She started as a pastry chef! (Did you know a pound cake is called a pound cake because it uses a pound of butter and a pound of sugar?)
  • Starting a business out of necessity
  • The difference between perceiving yourself as an athlete versus being athletic
  • How she rediscovered rowing decades after she stopped the sport
  • The key to staying positive
  • Why having fun with fitness is important
  • The power of helping women and creating a community of women with shared values
  • The Pause
  • It’s what you do most of the time, not some of the time, that matters most
  • Her philosophy on nutrition: You should enjoy the food you eat
  • Vegan lentil loaf: This is a must-make recipe especially for a plant-based Thanksgiving, but really for anytime!
  • Focus on priorities, then set your values
  • And so much more

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