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172 – Darrietta Lee Transformed & Empowered

I first met Darrietta in person at the 2018 Skirt Sports Ambassador Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. She stood out from the crowd as our only black muslim athlete but she also blended in so perfectly with her shared commitment to health and fitness that our ambassador community prioritizes. I knew I needed to have her on the podcast; I just wasn’t sure when it would happen.

We actually got some dates on the calendar earlier this year – and then COVID hit. So we delayed. And then Ahmaud Arbery was murdered. And then Breonna Taylor. And then George Floyd. And our country erupted. Over the past month, Darrietta has been a bold, strong, courageous voice in the movement to FINALLY end racial injustice in our country. Something that may actually be possible – if we unite together to make it happen.


Even with the emotions flooding the country, we both knew this was exactly the time to get Darrietta on the show. To amplify her voice. To help us both understand and gain some direction to personally push the movement forward. You will definitely want to follow her on Instagram @concrete_rose_lifts

At the end of the interview I asked the meaning behind her handle and she said that it symbolizes that has risen from a tough, barren landscape and blossomed into something beautiful. Truth!

Today we talk about:

  • Growing up on the south side of Chicago
  • Her mother’s drug addiction and how she started living a “double life” as she dealt with it
  • Turning to gangs for community and support
  • Finding the Nation of Islam & leaving gang life
  • Advocating for herself and other women as early as high school when she successfully petitioned her school to include Black History as a subject
  • Getting married at 18 and having her first of three kids at 19
  • The day her health became her priority (No, the day she decided to put herself first)
  • Her weight loss journey: both nutrition and running/fitness
  • Being a black muslim female athlete: resources and advice
  • Racial injustice: Her efforts & her advice to others
  • The small changes make a big difference
  • Be an ally and stand up when you hear something that isn’t right
  • No matter what, put yourself first.

Darrietta is a force and her light is only getting brighter. Be sure to follow her as she attempts to become the first “older” black muslim women powerlifter to compete at a meet!

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