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174 – Amanda McCracken 41 Year Old Virgin No Longer

Amanda McCracken is many things: award-winning writer, competitive endurance athlete, massage therapist, daughter, wife, soon-to-be-mom, and more recently than you’d expect, no longer a virgin. I’ve known of Amanda for years; we run in the same athletic circles in Boulder, Colorado. What’s funny is that she’s a little more well-known for her outspoken writing about a topic that many consider taboo – virginity.

Amanda remained a virgin until well into her 40s. This is not to say that she didn’t date or have sexual relations with men, but she simply continued to hold onto her virginity. Over time it became an empowering thing for her, but it also held her back in certain ways. The root of it was her development of relationship patterns early on. And once she fell into the patterns of chasing, being unavailable, and pushing people away, the more she formed an identity around it.

We have a great conversation around relationships, self-growth, forming and shedding identities, accepting change and allowing ourselves to open up and be vulnerable.

  • How we develop relationship patterns: The chase, the push away, the devastation
  • Overthinking: how to stop this pattern
  • Dealing with rejection when she said she was ready
  • How she learned to accept and allow herself to receive love
  • Why was she uninterested in guys who were fully available to her
  • The slow burn romance with her husband, Dave
  • Amanda’s deep relationship with her grandma: how it was the catalyst for so many decisions in her life
  • Making important decisions: We all have our own processes
  • Running: she “ran the crazy out” over the years
  • Identity: How we wrap our identities around certain things that become important to us so it’s harder to change them or let go of them
  • Longing: Keep your eyes out for her future book “How Longing Became My Lover”
  • Some parenting chatter: Amanda asked me questions about parenting – she’s clearly a journalist!
  • And so much more

For more Amanda, follow her on social media @amandajmccracken and check out her website!

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