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175 – How Cindie Collins Learned to Hold On & Let Go

I met Cindie Collins through the amazing Skirt Sports ambassador community. In 2019, she was one of the featured speakers at the Skirt Ambassador retreat. Her talk was called STROKE – Suffer The Results Or Kickass Everyday. When Cindie was 27 years old, she was pushing hard, working three jobs and striving for what she thought she needed to do to perform and succeed.

Then she had a stroke.

Because she was so young, it was not a quick or easy diagnosis.

Over the years, and through her recovery (which continues today), Cindie has found comfort in this concept: She has been guided through every stage of her life and everything has happened for a reason. It’s such a simple concept, especially in a world where we want to have control (or at least believe that we control). When we step back and allow ourselves to be guided, we find more peace and true gratitude. That’s my hope for you after listening today: May you find peace and gratitude for yourself and your circumstances.

More topics we cover:

  • Experiencing a stroke at 27: Signs, symptoms & how she was finally diagnosed
  • Put yourself on the list: give yourself as much love and attention as you give everyone else
  • This: “I didn’t live in my body back then.”
  • Support: Why your network is critical for healing
  • Becoming heart-centered: Changing career from hard-driving educator to massage therapist/healer
  • Running: the shift from driving/pushing/going to giving permission to simply move and appreciate
  • Appreciating YOUR Epic
  • The Sit Spot: Finding something that is Just For You
  • Skirt Sports Community: Even if the uniting product no longer exists, the community will because WE LIFT EACH OTHER UP
  • And so much more

Hang with Cindie on Facebook & shoot her a message – as she said, she doesn’t need to impact the masses, just one person at a time. ❤️