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177 – Elizabeth Carr Overcame the Perfection Trap by Embracing Imperfection

I met Elizabeth Carr through running. Her involvement in the world of running is not what she was originally known for but if she hadn’t found running I never would have stumbled across her, as her true claim to fame is not a world I’ve played in. On December 28, 1981, Elizabeth was the first baby born via In-vitro fertilization in the USA. Literally THE FIRST!

What comes with that title is an early life in the public eye, a huge amount of pressure to be “perfect” or else science has failed, and an early understanding of where babies come from! Elizabeth is currently in the midst of a career transition that has found her going back to her roots. She is building a community to be a resource for people navigating the fertility world. She is passionate about helping others and has recently created a private forum – The 1st Collective – where people can safely share and discover important information during their fertility journeys.

For more on Elizabeth, check out her website and definitely visit her wikipedia page – I don’t know many people who have one!

Today we talk about:

  • Exploring trails you’ve never run (figuratively and literally)
  • Elizabeth’s winding career path from the Boston Globe to Runner’s World to the non-profit world to branching out on her own
  • Following her heart, gut and passion to discover the next right thing
  • Being 1st: literally the 1st In-vitro baby born in the USA
  • Media circus birth, frankenbabies, tampering with Mother Nature and Playing God
  • What it meant to grow up first
  • Perfection standards set early: If this baby was not perfect, then “science” would take a hit
  • Musings about Mistakes, Judgment, Fear and finally, Freedom
  • For more on Elizabeth and to join her community go here!

Her website

The First Collective

Contact her HERE