Run This World

178 – Diane Berberian’s Bucket List

Diane Berberian is dying. She called me a month ago and said this, “I have cancer again. It’s incurable. My doctor told me to get out my bucket list.” The funny thing is that she told her doctor, “My entire life has been a bucket list!” But as she thought about the things she wants to do with the time she has left, she decided to have one more amazing conversation on the podcast. To share her story, to help people figure out how to better advocate for themselves, and to leave all the gems and wisdom she has learned in a medium that isn’t going away – through the podcast.

I am emotional writing this. I was emotional during our conversation. You may be emotional listening. That’s okay. That’s normal. We are soon going to lose one of our bright lights and we don’t want her to go. So today just let your emotions run and open your heart to Diane Berberian.

As a special gift to her, please go to her Iron Maven Facebook page. Take a minute to post what you loved most about this conversation. She wants to read it all – while she’s still here. 

And add this date to your calendar:

August 22 is Diane Berberian Day – #golongfordiane and wear red/yellow on that day!