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180 – “Why Not Today?” Kerttu Veske Transforms Through Pilates

I met Kerttu when I was winding down Skirt Sports and needed to find a subtenant to take over our lease on our Pearl Street store. In walked this woman with the excitement and determination that you only see in someone with true vision. She was looking to open her first pilates studio. She had been teaching for years and after countless suggestions that she start her own business, she finally decided to do it.

Kerttu grew up in Estonia. She was introduced to a very unusual line of work very early by her aunt who owned a circus – she became a contortionist – traveling to shows throughout her young years. In her teens she decided to focus on becoming an actress and eventually moved to the USA to pursue this dream.

One day in her early 20s when she was working out at a gym in New York, she was suddenly struck by partial paralysis. It was a mystery – no one could figure out why this happened. After years of struggle, as Kerttu was starting to look at wheelchairs and resigning herself to a life of immobility, she discovered pilates.

Her life changed forever and she was able to start knitting her body back together. She found that pilates had both physical and emotional magical effects. She started to move again. She became strong again. And she fell in love with pilates.

Kerttu shares this story and more. You will understand her “Why Not Today?” philosophy after you listen. And you will definitely want to visit her studio if you are in Colorado.

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