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184 – Kara Burns on Relapse, Love & Unapologetic Realness

Kara Burns has been on the show before. In September 2016, I featured her story in episode 24 “From Prison to 26.2” which quickly became my highest-listened. We followed it up immediately with episode 25 “Forgiving Yourself” when I realized I had been too chicken to ask her what she meant when she said “I lost my daughter.” Those conversations four years ago were raw, real and powerful.

Finishing her first ever 13.1 less than 2 years out of prison

Kara’s journey didn’t stop there. She was on a mission to transform her life and entered what could probably be called her “striving years.”

In October 2018, we sat down for episode 109 and talked about her progress. She was riding a wave of momentum as she had discovered her gifts for speaking, inspiring and leading. Her addiction was under control. Her relationship with her daughter was blossoming and people were taking notice of her. In other words, things were on the up and up.

Owning the stage – TEDxCherryCreekWomen2020

In June 2019, I invited Kara to deliver the final keynote speech at our 300-woman ambassador retreat. At the final moment, she delivered a speech that was different than the one she originally presented to me. It was about the concept of “Slipping,” of falling off the wagon, of having a drink. About how she didn’t want it to define her and bring her down. Everyone slips sometimes right?

I will never forget that when I first met her, she told me, “I will never be able to have a drink again. If I do, it will lead to me doing meth. It may not be immediate, it could be months or a year later, but it will happen.”

One month after her speech at the retreat, Kara was being wheeled through the Denver airport on her way to rehab after a 6-day meth binge that ravaged her body and mind so much that she couldn’t even walk to the plane.

Being wheeled through the airport on the way to rehab.

It’s been over a year since she sought help and regained her sobriety. The lessons she has learned over this year of self-growth are important. They transcend her personal situation. You will benefit from hearing them.

Over the past year, Kara did a powerful TEDx Talk called “Own Your Unapologetic Realness.” Watch it here.

Kara has recently become certified in NLP which we discuss in depth in the interview. If you are intrigued, she’s offering FREE NLP sessions in December. Sign up here!

More on her coaching group here.

Check out Kara Burns Unlimited here. This is where you can contact her!

And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @unapologetic.realness

Some notable quotes from our conversation:

“What we think is the worst thing that could happen could very well be the best thing.”

“I feel like I won the lottery. and heres what the lottery is. The lottery is wisdom.”

“The greatest thing that has changed my life is my ability to serve.”

“The key is learning to love every single Kara over the years.”

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