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185 – Always Search with Artist Sandy Graves

It’s not often you meet a world-class bronze sculptor. It’s even more rare that she’s a woman and she lives next door! I met Sandy Graves before I even moved to Steamboat Springs. We were viewing our future home, stepped into the alley and there she was. Fiddling with something in her garage. Upon closer inspection, that something was the holy mecca of world-class art.

Sandy Graves is a renowned sculptor. She’s known she would be an artist since her kindergarten teacher wrote that prophecy on a piece of paper. She also spent many years being angry with this gift. That was before she figured out how she could turn her gift into a career that could actually sustain herself and her family.

Our conversation is like a walk in the park with a friend. It goes all sorts of directions with laughter, depth and sheer honesty. Sometimes, especially when life is tough and stressful, it’s nice to simply relax and listen – and in this case, gain some new insights from a talented human being you haven’t met before.

Check out Sandy’s art here:

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Notable points from our conversation:

“Real artists don’t sit around waiting for inspiration. They get up and go to work.” – Chuck Close

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Finally – her nuggets:

“Think of your life as a book. When the chapters start getting long, you might need to do something exciting to bring your book back to relevance. Don’t let your book get boring.”

Always search. The day I’m spiritually dead would be the day that I think I know it all. I want a life of search and a life of seeking.”