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188 – Tasha Edwards 2021 word is POWER

I reached out to Tasha in July 2020. I didn’t have a topic in mind when I discovered her; I just knew that I needed to talk to her. It finally hit me. She is on the journey. We don’t share enough stories from people who are literally in the middle of the journey. We like to share stories from people who have been “enlightened,” who have “gotten there.” Tasha is a work in progress which reminds us that we are all works in progress.

Her overriding mission is to help women connect back to their power through movement. She uses the phrase “connect back” because women have always had the power, they just lose the connection to it.


Priorities and connection: When Tasha lost half of her clientele in 2020. what she found is that she had time to connect to the people who were left.

“My space is the conversation around why we believe what we believe, and why are we following who we are following. What is our why? What do we really want in life and how do we get out of the bed from the depression and stress of 2020? How do we even get out of bed to talk about movement?”

“Mind your own mat” concept: How do you feel and perform if no one is looking?

Optimum health is the goal: It’s not entirely tangible. It’s not about a certain weight. It’s about functioning the best we can be as our bodies constantly change.

Stop comparing! Especially to our younger selves

What the heck are “morning abs?”

Tasha’s 2021 word is POWER

“Trust yourself. Your intuition will not lead you the wrong way.”

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