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191 – Ryan Van Duzer “All of us have the Power to Make the World a Better Place”

We all talk about wanting to turn our passions into work. I’m personally attempting to do just that right now during my sabbatical from life. First, we need to identify our passions and then we need to honestly assess whether our skills align with our passions.

Today’s guest Ryan Van Duzer has done just that. He lives his passion every day – and has fun doing it. I have wanted to interview him since the day I met him at Skirt Sports. He was supporting our mutual friend Dana D (Episode 30 “From Drug Addict to Love Addict”) as she delivered the first ever Women Run The World talk that would later become a multi-year monthly speaker series.

Ryan was totally at home at the event, even as one of the only men in a packed house of passionate women. I observed him and realized why he was so comfortable. There was something emanating from him that I like to call pure intentions. He was there to support and celebrate his friend. He didn’t even notice that he was one of two men, because his intention wasn’t to draw attention to himself. It was about being there for someone else’s important event.

Everything Ryan does is based on pure intentions. That’s what makes him so special. He’s relatable and vulnerable, something many men struggle with. He puts it all out there. Like truly all out there through his super popular, inspiring YouTube Channel DuzerTV, through his other projects including tv shows like Carbon TV’s “Tough Jobs,” Discovery’s “Out of the Wild,” & more.

Notables from this episode:

“I may not be able to get you everything you want, but I will get you everything you need.” – Donna Jobert (Ryan’s mama)

The gift of being a mama’s boy: Watch Donna get to the top of Machu Picchu in “Mama Picchu

Dana D & the Gratitude March

Sobriety: Why Ryan needed to end his drinking relationship

How to deal with haters

Trail Magic & Trail Angels

Have as much fun as possible as you’re doing whatever you do.

Just Get Outside!

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