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193 – Sara Gross on Why We Need More Feisty Women

Once upon a time Sara Gross was a Women’s Studies and World Religions student. Right around the time she was working on her dissertation about female history, she discovered triathlon, which led to a 10ish year hiatus from her work in women’s empowerment.

The funny thing is that she entered the sport of triathlon just as I was leaving it, so we never competed against each other which is probably good, because we have no competitive history that would create tension now! Sara had a baby partway through her career and a few years later came back to win her second Ironman in Brazil. After that win, she knew she was done with triathlon.

Her passion had shifted. It was time for her to become a voice for women athletes – to help share what sport had given her. Strength. Courage. Confidence.

She founded Live Feisty – a media brand targeted toward helping active women improve their lives – and their performances. She’s breaking ground with each step including the upcoming Womxn’s Performance Summit on March 26-28. Be sure to grab a ticket – the speaker lineup is killer!

Notables from our conversation:

How Sara’s feminism was grounded by this thought as a little girl when she noticed the subtle differences between men and women in the workplace: “Something is not quite right in the world.”

The importance of “The 5 people you surround yourself with”

“People who don’t have power will take power wherever they can.”

The importance of community, of finding our people, picking our corner and growing our tribe.

Sara’s 10ish year break to pursue triathlon: We almost forgot to talk about this!

What the heck is TikTok! Watch Sara’s hilarious Tampon Vid here!

What the word Feisty means to her

Feisty Womxn’s Performance Summit: Grab a ticket now!

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