Run This World

194 – “What is Your Big Work?” with Cancer Survivor & Naturopathic Doctor Kaycie Grigel

NOTE: The intro to this episode was recorded three days after the Boulder shooting and includes some profanity and opinions by me about mass shootings. Please note that the content may not be work or young-child friendly.

Kaycie Grigel sent me an email in the midst of chemo treatments for her recently diagnosed breast cancer. Through the difficulties and the darkness, she had stumbled upon inspiration that she knew she needed to share. I suggested we wait until her treatments were done in case she gains more perspective, clarity and momentum on her next big work. We connected four weeks after her last treatment. We jump right in and Kaycie shares the details of her journey as well as the bigger picture messages that have surfaced with grace and clarity.

Notables from this episode:

Her breast cancer treatment included a lumpectomy, an MRI machine with boob holes and the (not FDA approved) “Cold Cap” that allowed her to keep her hair. See pic 🙂

Support: The #1 key to having a positive journey through a dark diagnosis

Movement: Kaycie set this goal – Exercise EVERY DAY DURING TREATMENT. She did it and credits movement as being mission critical to her success.

Advocate for yourself! Find the medical team that is the best fit for you.

Hormone talk! There’s an enlightening discussion that Kaycie shares in layman’s terms about how our estrogen shuts off as we age and our adrenals take over. This leads to adrenal fatigue in many menopausal women.

The #1 thing we can do for our hormones is manage our stress. That includes sleep, eating good food, moving, getting outside, nurturing good relationships, releasing negative relationships

What is YOUR Big Work? Don’t leave this world without embracing and moving forward with your big work.

Nugget: “Whatever brings that camera into focus for you, run toward it.”

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