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199 – How She Does It with Pro Runner Molly Huddle

Today I speak to a running legend, a legend who’s still running at the top level of the sport – Molly Huddle. I’ve been a fan and follower of Molly’s forever. I’ve been so impressed by how she has evolved her career so she can continue to do what she loves and improve while most athletes fade away from injury or the simple aggregation of so many miles over so many years. Molly is a 2-time Olympian. She ran the 5,000 in 2012 and the 10,000 in 2016. She’s going for the 2020 Olympics (in 2021!) and currently training for the 10k. She has or has held 6 American records. She’s been running competitively for around 20 years!

Not only is a she a badass pro runner who created her own formula for success, she is using her platform to advocate for social causes she believes in. Not every athlete has the courage to do this!

One of her keys to success is her ability to nurture strong relationships. I’m happy to share that today’s episode is sponsored by one of her sponsors: Gatorade Endurance! Use code RUNTHISWORLD20 for 20% off all Gatorade Endurance products through 2021.

Notables from our conversation:

“What was your backup plan?” – THE MCAT!

Control is an elusive concept for pro athletes during a pandemic

Breaking barriers

Training for the Olympics that didn’t happen

In-the-moment decision to pull out of the Marathon Olympic Trials

Gatorade Endurance: The GX Patch – how we both used it and how it can help you

Importance of mentors: @shesthefirst

“Shut up and dribble” post sparked comments like “Just shut up and run Molly” – how she deals with the controversy and haters

“Don’t just do what you’re best at.” – Molly Huddle

Listen to her podcast Keeping-Track with Alysia Montano and Roisin McGettigan

Follow @howshediditbook on Instagram – release coming soon, co-authored with Sara Slattery

Nugget: “Aim for progress and growth over perfection. Start before you’re ready.”