Run This World

2 – Molly Barker on Living Authentically



Today’s Run This World Podcast episode #2 called “Living Authentically” features Molly Barker. Molly is a thinker. A questioner. A self-described Gentle Provoker. Most notably, she’s the Founder of Girls on the Run. After retiring from that incredible organization with over 200 chapters serving over 200k 3rd to 8th grade girls, Molly didn’t just sit on her laurels. As you’ll soon learn, she has continued to start things. The Naked Face Project And her current project – the Red Boot Coalition – is making huge change in the world through what may be viewed as the most powerful tool we have – conversation.


After you listen to this interview you will have a chance to support Molly’s Red Boot Ride through an exciting Indiegogo campaign that is launching as we speak! I know you are going to want to be a part of this incredible movement too.


In today’s episode, Molly and I get down and dirty on the following:


  • We discuss the magic power of running. What it means to her and how her relationship with running formed the foundation for the most important girls running program in history.
  • We talk about alcohol and share personal stories about how alcohol abuse affected both of our lives, even as we forged careers centered around the power of athletics.
  • We discuss has Girls on the Run has served over 1 million girls and the power it has on their families. You’ll learn about a concept called the Girl Box and how Girls on the Run encourages girls to avoid the Girl Box.
  • We talk about Molly’s experience with the Naked Face Project. You won’t want to miss this part – in entails not shaving your armpits for 60 days (and more crazy stuff!).
  • And finally, we learn about the Red Boot Coalition, a new movement that Molly has started based on 11 steps that help unite people in today’s polarized world. You’ll learn how you can get involved with her exciting new project – the Red Boot Ride.



RBRindieHow you can get involved! As of today, Molly’s exciting Red Boot Ride is live and needs support! You can donate $1, 10, 25 and amounts up from there. Molly loves the idea of many people donating small amounts – it’s the ripple effect of many small donations that will help start a revolution. Go to the Red Boot Ride page on Indiegogo’s Generosity website and donate now.


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