Run This World

200 – LIVE SHOW – Mirna Valerio Live & Unfiltered

For the 200th Run This World episode in 5 years, I decided to do something epic – A LIVE SHOW! I needed to pull out the big gun for this; there’s really only one big gun in my world – MIRNA! 

Mirna Valerio, the Mirnavator, shares her journey in her 7th appearance on the pod. She is an evolving human like all of us, but what makes her special is how she shares her journey with the world. We talk about so much: bodies, trust, fear, vaginas, surfing, menopause, injuries, mountain biking, being new, skiing, and more. 

If she wasn’t so busy opening new doors, I would have kept her on all day!

The live format is fun and hilarious with comments from listeners that we can engage in real time and lots of play with the sound effects feature! 

For more Mirna:

Follow her everywhere @themirnavator


Hope you enjoy this one – now let’s get out there and Run This World with all the energy we built up from Mirna’s presence!