Run This World

202 – Real Life Shaman Makhosi Nejeser Helps Us Find Our Purpose

I had never spoken to a real life shaman before my conversation with Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser. I was pretty sure it would be a mix of “woo woo” and spirituality with some chanting and drums on the side. So wrong!

Makhosi is a down-to-earth, beautiful, open, vulnerable human being with a genuinely authentic storytelling style. As she opens up, you find yourself wanting to open up alongside her. That is the magic of the shaman. It’s in her energy more than her words. 

Makhosi became a shaman after pursuing the rat race that is the “American Dream” left her sick, tired and questioning everything about her existence. She sought a deeper meaning to her purpose on the planet and began studying shamanism in the US and Africa. 

Today she guides countless people through the process of self-exploration to help them arrive at their true purpose. Check out her website and take her free Level of Consciousness Quiz

Our conversation includes one nugget after another. Too many to list here!

In the intro, I mention that this is my last Run This World episode for a while. I want to be a “Summer Grader” with my daughter, to enjoy my first summer in Steamboat Springs. I’m not sure when I’ll start up again or if 200+ episodes was a good run and it’s time to move on. If you want to send me your thoughts on this or ideas on what you’d like me to do next, please do! Email me at

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