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24 – Kara Burns from Prison to 26.2




Meet Kara Burns. The title of this episode is no joke. Kara is a grateful, hard-working, enlightened survivor of a previous life full of bad choices and tough situations. She’s refreshingly open and honest about her struggles and moreso about what she’s learned from them. In my opinion this might be the best episode I’ve recorded yet.



Today we discuss:nd-podcast-1

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Doing time
  • What it takes to truly rehabilitate
  • How running and fitness play a role in transforming lives, specifically Kara’s experience with Running Start
  • Kara’s new charitable endeavor ReStart that gives women out of prison help when they need it most
  • Kara’s three guiding principles each day


After the interview, we both connected again to say that we missed an important part that Kara mentioned a few times – the fact that she lost her daughter. We agreed to do a follow up interview about this topic so stay tuned.


Go here to connect with Kara or support ReStart. Helping others is an amazing way to help yourself – just ask Kara!