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25 – Kara Burns on Forgiving Yourself

nd-podcast-5When Kara and I wrapped up her first interview From Prison to 26.2, we both walked away feeling that there was something left unsaid. It was a big, huge, tough thing and I was afraid to ask the hard questions to see if she would talk about it. It turns out that Kara felt the same way. She wants to be 100% transparent in the hopes that it will help other people along their tough journeys.


Today we have a conversation about what happens when your bad decisions cost you one of the most precious relationships you can have – the relationship with your child. Kara lost custody of her daughter during her dark times of addiction. Only now, as a rehabilitated woman walking a positive path, is she able to accept and discuss what happened. And work on a way to have a healthy, constructive relationship with her in the future.


I am so proud of Kara and support her journey toward health and happiness. As she says, shame is an emotion that holds us back from being the best version of ourselves. Once you accept who you are and what you’ve done, you can start to heal yourself and work on the relationships around you. It also gives you the confidence to make good decisions as you go forward.


Enjoy this episode and consider supporting Kara’s new effort, ReStart Denver, with the goal of helping women beat the odds when they’re at a vulnerable time in life, just out of prison like she once was.