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28 – Ash Beckham From the Closet to the TED Stage

8615dfe1be88cc3698fd1547eda6e138dd56cda3_1600x1200Prolific speaker Ash Beckham burst onto the scene after a Boulder Ignite talk in 2013. Her first-ever attempt at public speaking blew up the internet and started her on a track to activism that she didn’t expect. Ash blew people’s minds with her TEDx Closet talk and has gone on to many other stages and probably close to 10 million views when you add up all her influences. Ash started in the LGBTQ arena but her message is about authenticity and inclusive for everyone.

I met Ash in a speaker’s development program. She was already a pro speaker and became a mentor for many of us. The minute you meet Ash, you fall in love with her. She makes you feel like everything’s gonna be allright. But she didn’t get there overnight. It took a long time.

Today we talk about topics big and small. You’ll understand immediately how her brain works – fast and furious is an understatement!

  • ash-beckham-1-300x300Everyday activists
  • Eliminating the word gay
  • What closets really are
  • How to deal with tough situations
  • Bring your real self to the world
  • How pancakes and 4-year-olds can change your life
  • The magic of conversations

If you’re in Boulder, please come to Skirt Sports Dec 13th Women Run the World event at our store on 28th and Pearl St. Ash will be one of our featured speakers that day. You can also connect with her through her website or social media.

For a Tour de Ash, take some time to watch her incredible videos. Her messages will make you laugh and cry and feel less alone in this world.