Run This World

3 – Kerry Gilmartin on Trusting Your Gut

maxresdefaultWelcome to Episode 3 of Run This World. Meet Kerry Gilmartin, the founder of Bamboobies – a company that was created to solve women’s nursing issues and has evolved into so much more. Kerry is a starter. A disrupter. A fearless leader. She’s not afraid to speak her mind – especially on matters that many people consider taboo. Specifically women’s body parts. Boobs. Nipples. Leakage.


In today’s episode, we cover so much more than Kerry’s current business brings to the table (which is a lot!).



  • Kerry’s diverse business background gives insight into how she tackles issues both big and small
  • We talk about we as humans are wired to seek control, but how the majority of things that happen in business (and life) are outside of our control.
  • We talk about failure and how important it is to success.
  • You’ll learn about a right-brain/left-brain thing that happens to new moms. As Kerry puts it, “the left brain controls reason and the boring stuff. The right brain controls the creative, and your gut instinct.” You’ll hear more about why new moms get this creative urge after having a baby.
  • We talk about why she started a company that is tackling a tough, often uncomfortable topic and how pure intentions are very important.
  • Of course we discuss breastfeeding and share some pretty personal stuff about ourselves!


Finally – we end with a few nuggets about how you can get more in tune with who you are by thinking about your own personal mission statement.


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of Run This World – called “Trusting your gut” with our guest Kerry Gilmartin. Be sure to share this episode with your friends. Talk about sharing – Bamboobies is giving you a special offer for 25% off your order on Be sure to use the discount code SKIRT25 at checkout.