dana-and-xantheDana D is one of the most brutally genuine people on this planet. She does everything hard; there is no half-assedery in her world. I met Dana many years ago when I knew her only as the Walnut-Cafe-Lady. I later came to know her as so much more. Dana recently came to Skirt Sports to speak about a topic important to her. She started off by saying, “These are the things I’m not going to talk about today,” and proceeded to list them:

  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Being clean and sober for 32 years
  • Being a living donor
  • Surviving two pulmonary embolisms
  • Being an endurance athlete


Indana-d-burning-manstead she talked about this, “Being an ambassador of Love.” She gave an incredible speech with a beautiful message of love, acceptance and learning how to stop judging others. But I wanted more. So I decided to have her on the show to hit on all the other messages that she didn’t have time to share then.


We are doing a giveaway with this episode! All you have to do is go to my facebook page and enter to win a free meal with Dana D and me! If you don’t live in Boulder, we can hold onto that meal until you come visit, or you can opt for a Walnut Cafe tee instead (but if I were you, I’d fly to Boulder just for the meal!).