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34 – Mirna Valerio of Fatgirlrunning Promotes Health at Every Size


Meet Mirna Valerio of Fatgirlrunning. Years ago she was on the fast track to an early grave. Working two jobs, with a toddler in tow, not sleeping, not exercising and not taking care of herself finally took a toll. After a wake-up call on the Interstate, Mirna needed to hear some tough words from her doctor. Namely that she wouldn’t be alive to watch her son grow up if she didn’t make some big changes.


Enter running. At over 300 pounds, getting started took humility, persistence and a long-term approach. Her first mile took almost 18 minutes. But she stuck with it and over time, running became more than a way to lose weight and get healthy. It became a sanctuary that made everything else in her life better too.


mirnamudShe started to share her journey. Over time people found her enthusiasm, positivity, and vulnerability to be both relatable and inspirational. Runner’s World, the Wall Street Journal, NBC and other media outlets took notice and suddenly Mirna became an icon for the everyperson, regardless of size, to pursue his or her athletic goals.



Today we talk about:

  • The word fat. What it means and how to take away the negative power surrounding it.
  • Why fat is a social and racial issue
  • How to make your first steps toward change
  • Being healthy at every size
  • Learning to be conscious of how you talk about people and bodies, especially with your children
  • How important habits are to making change in your life
  • Becoming body positive


Mirna is helping pave the way for acceptance of a size-neutral world of health and fitness.

See here for her story on NBC and how she is inspiring so many!