mikeglauser-headshotMeet Mike Glauser the ultimate entrepreneur. Mike knew early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but instead of jumping in headfirst, he went to school to study entrepreneurship and found that while he learned a ton, he needed hands-on experience to test his book-smarts. He eventually founded two companies, Golden Swirl Management Company and Northern Lights. Both companies were sold to CoolBrands International, an impressive result. His passion for the entrepreneurial spirit let to another venture, My New Enterprise, an online training and development company for aspiring entrepreneurs.


mikeglauserbikeMike is currently the Executive Director of the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. He has published numerous articles in magazines and three books on entrepreneurship: Glorious Accidents, The Business of Heart and Main Street Entrepreneur, which chronicles his 4,000 mile bicycle ride across America to interview 100 remarkable entrepreneurs who have successfully merged livelihood and lifestyle in places they want to live.



20160616205714-mynewenterpriseWhat I love most about Mike is his true passion for helping entrepreneurs find their place in this crowded world. He is one of the most genuine, supportive, caring people I’ve ever met. If you have any desire to “start something,” or if you know someone who is struggling to get an idea off the ground, definitely check out his book, Main Street Entrepreneur.


For more on Mike, check out his Speaker’s Reel. He’s also awesome on the stage! You can see some of the talent he has interviewed here. Scroll down for a Skirt Sports video circa 2012! As always, please write a review on iTunes and let me know who you want me to interview next!