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37 – Emily Harvey Amputee Athlete on Rocking Your Differences

Meet Emily Harvey – disability right attorney, wife, fitness model, founder of non-profit LIM359, and amputee athlete.

Emily’s leg was amputated when she was two because she had a condition called fibular hemimelia, which means she was missing her fibula bone and her left leg was substantially shorter than her right.  She grew up not really knowing any different, and even asked her grandma at some point when she got her first prosthesis because she simply believed that everyone wore a prosthesis.  She played t-ball & volleyball, rode bikes, climbed trees, and did pretty much everything else her friends were doing.  She started riding horses when she was about 9 years old, quickly got into 3-day eventing, and eventually rode on her college dressage team.  She didn’t ride much after college, but discovered the sport of triathlon in 2014 which quickly became a new passion, culminating in her first Half Ironman in June of 2016.

Today we talk about:

  • What it was like to grow up an amputee
  • Why being different is a good thing
  • Loss of a role model and how that impacts your desire to continue the thing you were passionate about
  • Body image
  • The difference between inspiration and motivation
  • Why self-confidence is the #1 thing you need to nurture before you can help anyone else

Emily mentions a some cool things including this TED Talk by Stella Young. Wow. Worth a watch for sure.

She also wrote a great blog on AmpTriLife that really describes her position on body image, especially as it relates to her fake “real” leg. It’s a good one called “My Twisted Sense of Body Image.”

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