Meet Isabel McDevitt, a woman in the forefront of social enterprise innovation, namely for bucking the system and creating a new paradigm for how societies treat victims of homelessness. Isabel started her career working for a nonprofit in New York called the Doe Fund. There, she created Ready Willing & Able, a platform of entrepreneurial businesses created specifically to help train, employ and reenter formerly incarcerated men into the workforce. It was a huge success with staggering stats on how it decreased recidivism rates.


She later got married and moved to Boulder where I met her and we did some great work with our Running Start program. Isabel is now the Executive Director of the Boulder Bridge House doing the same thing she did in New York, but focused on the homeless population in the Boulder area. She is changing lives in a huge way.


Today we talk about:

  • Homelessness
  • How and why people end up on the streets
  • Isabel’s formative years in the world of philanthropy, including a great idea for parents to consider for their working-age kids
  • The Doe Fund: How you can feel at-home in the most unexpected places
  • Boulder Bridge House’s innovative approach to helping the homeless community
  • Community Table Kitchen: homeless-staffed catering company competes with the best
  • Being a mom, business person and leader in the community – juggling priorities & making decisions


I really appreciate what Isabel is doing out there in the world. She’s working with a polarized fringe group of people who most people wish didn’t exist, not realizing that they could become a member of the polarized group much more easily than they realize. I love her final nugget. It’s something that I can relate to as a woman in business, an athlete and a mom. Don’t be afraid to make a decision.


By the way, if you watched the teaser on the new Run This World Podcast FB group, you’ll know that Isabel was almost killed by a rhino! I want to share one more thing most people don’t know about Isabel – she was a Skirt Sports catalog cover model for two years! If you come to the Skirt Sports store, you’ll see those covers hanging in our bathroom (it’s actually the most inspirational bathroom you’ll ever visit). She recently gave an incredible talk at Skirt Sports about OPPORTUNITY. Watch here for more Isabel!


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