Meet Siri Lindley. She was the best short course triathlete in the world for two years, despite the fact that she could barely swim a lick before she started the sport in the mid 90s. After she retired, Siri gravitated to coaching, because she is innately called to give much more than she ever takes. She became an incredible coach, not surprisingly, I consider her to be the best coach in the world today. Case in point: one of her athletes is a former podcast guest and 3-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae.


Siri has a magic way of identifying what an athlete needs and then crafting a physical and psychological plan to help that athlete tap into his or her full potential. It’s absolutely amazing. She is also one of the most positive people you will ever meet, despite her own admitted insecurities. I arrived at our interview early so I started setting up, three rescue dogs dancing around me. Minutes later I heard hoofbeats and Siri and her gorgeous wife Bek, literally rode up on two beautiful steeds. Siri jumped off her horse, grabbed a glass of water and we started. The minute we finished, she ran out the door to volunteer at the Longmont Humane Society. That’s Siri in a nutshell.


Today we talk about:

  • Siri’s book “Surfacing” – I recommend it for anyone who wants to read an inspirational story that blends sports, training, personal growth and relationships.
  • Her passion for rescue animals including her new nonprofit Believe Ranch and Rescue. Website is still in development. Here’s the link for future reference.
  • Lessons that animals teach us, notably how rescuing an animal usually has the opposite (and even more beautiful) result in that they actually rescue us right back.
  • Growing up in a broken household, never wanting for anything, but somehow being lonely, afraid, and insecure
  • Why Siri decided to become a triathlete when she had never swum, couldn’t ride a bike and had only played team sports as a kid
  • Siri’s path to the top: gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching
  • Body image conflicts: Sometimes you need to lose weight to reach your full potential. How to do this without going crazy or losing your self-esteem like she did
  • What it takes to have a VOICE in this world
  • Why it’s okay to embrace your own insecurities


While Siri’s book is so touching and insightful – more of a journey than a training bible – her real words just have a way of working into your soul. I am so appreciative of everything she is doing in this world. Here’s where you can find:


  • Info about Siri including coaching, speaking, and more.
  • Her book Surfacing on her website or amazon
  • Her Tony Robbins podcast interview (one of their most downloaded episodes ever)
  • Her nonprofit Believe Ranch and Rescue (under development)
  • If you’re in Boulder, you can also stalk her at RallySport!


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