Run This World

43 – Tales From the Shoot


Last week I did a photo shoot in Savannah, Georgia. We chose it for two reasons. 1) It’s usually decent weather so you can make the winter look like spring, 2) Free place to stay! My parents, Gail and Roger Molzahn, retired there about 20 years ago and every time I go back, I revert immediately to Kid Mode. The first thing I always do is walk in and open the fridge. I have no idea why I do this. It’s like I’m taking inventory for all the snacking I have lined up.


Photo shoots are exhausting. You wake up well before sunrise to be on location when first light appears. Then you shoot all day until sunset. The photographer is the talent. Kim Cook has the ability to make women feel comfortable, beautiful, and to trust her with their bodies and energy. That’s a gift.


The Creative Director is in charge of making sure that every product is shot, on the right body, in the right setting, doing the right activity. And Skirt Sports has a LOT of products to shoot! Jen Allen plays this role at Skirt Sports and even though she’s not in this podcast, she deserves some serious kudos.


Then there are the models. Yes big time fashion models. In our world, we work with real life people, on this trip, Skirt Sports ambassadors, who trust us enough to bring their full selves to whatever crazy location, doing whatever crazy thing we have in mind. On this shoot, Mirna Valerio stayed with us and joined in on the late-night shenanigans.


We sat around the dinner table after the last night of the shoot, laughing, and exploring topics big and small. I grabbed the mics and we recorded some of this random, fun and surprising conversation. I have no idea if I’ll ever do an episode like this again, but it sure was fun the first time! Enjoy!