Meet Chris Waddell – speaker, author, athlete (he has 13 Paralympic medals), philanthropist and all-around adventurer. After a ski accident left him paralyzed and unable to walk while in college, Chris simply moved on with his life and adapted his passions around his new body. But as all elite athletes understand, you can only compete at a certain level for so long and at some point it’s time to accept a new phase in life. I personally could relate to this on many levels, but even more so for my husband Tim who, like Chris, reached “best in the world” status. There is so much to take away in this episode that is relatable to all people, regardless of your phase in life.


Today we talk about:

  • His accident and how he adapted to a new reality in a new body
  • His Paralympic skiing years – reaching best in the world status many times
  • The blessing and curse of creating an identity for yourself
  • The next big adventure: climbing Kilimanjaro
  • Insights and perspective learned along the climb
  • His non-profit One Revolution and what they are doing to help people tear down perceptions through their Nametags program and more.


What I love most about Chris is how real he is. He has accomplished more than just about anyone I know and he lives in a world of new frontiers, in regards to being a disabled athlete and now disabled adventurer. I love how one of his toughest quests that was a failure on paper (or at least from his original intent) helped him grow the most. I know you can relate to this. That whole “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” dealio. He has been tested time and again and constantly comes out not only stronger but more in tune with himself. Imagine if you looked at every negatively perceived experience and instead embraced it and asked yourself “how did I grow? How did I become better?” I’ll leave you today by repeating Chris’ final nugget, “We have the ability to determine how we’re going to react to whatever happens to us and that often determines our success.”


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