Meet Jackie Ros – she’s a high-energy, innovative-thinker who started the revolutionary tech company Revolar just two years ago. Revolar makes wearable tech devices that allow you to communicate with your loved ones with just a push of a button. If you are actually in danger, it seems like it
would be easy to make a phone call, but in the heat of the moment, it’s unrealistic to fumble for a phone, unlock it, dial out and wait for answers. Jackie started Revolar after her sister was assaulted as a teenager. The guilt she experienced over not being able to help, led to the idea that would change her life (and many others’ lives too).


Today we talk about:

  • Jackie’s background as a Latina growing up on the US and Europe
  • How traveling the world gave her the perspective the “most people are good.”
  • The origin of┬áRevolar – how she wished she could have helped her sister avoid being assaulted
  • Statistics on sexual assault including repeat victims, male victims and more
  • The most important thing she does everyday: Connect with her co-founder
  • Her nugget: Bad news travels fast. Get it out quickly and move on!
  • Revolar’s launch of the Next Generation Revolar wearable! It’s sleek, efficient and CUTE! Cute matters!
  • Link to Indiegogo here starting April 4th!


I am so proud of what Jackie is doing to help people gain confidence, find empowerment and move their lives forward! She’s a force of nature and I don’t expect her to stop anytime soon. Please check out her company and let me know if you get one of her new products.


Thanks for spending some time with me today – now get out there and Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week.