Meet Allen Lim. Physiologist. Coach. Entrepreneur. He’s a former coach of the cycling stars who brought innovative sports nutrition company Skratch Labs to life after years of making his “secret drink mix” for athletes in grueling endurance events like the Tour de France. Allen and I have run in the same circles for years but we never really hung out until this interview. Here’s what I found: An AWESOME guy! I wish I worked at Skratch!  Allen has created an inspired, open-minded, free-thinking culture. He is truly a visionary in so many ways. I know you’ll absolutely love this episode. It’s my longest yet because I just couldn’t stop listening!
Here’s what we cover:

  • Allen’s unique background
  • Lessons from his mom
  • Why he was drawn to helping other athletes instead of pursuing his athletic dreams
  • Lots of science-y stuff about sports nutrition
  • The Marshmallow Study!
  • Pee – yes pee
  • Why napping is important
  • HALT
  • And much more

Please visit Skratch Labs and check out all the good they are doing in the world. I think we can all agree that products need to taste great, but if you can align with a brand’s mission and values on top of that, it’s a win-win-win. See here for more about Skratch’s mission, products and place in this world. If you’re in Boulder, get a salt test, it’s only $100 and you’ll have a better sense of your nutrition needs. Check out Allen’s TEDx Talks and feel his energy and passion. And remember, whenever you’re feeling crabby, channel Lori Ventura and HALT! Thanks for listening – we’ll see you next week!