I did the Conscious Cleanse after meeting one of the founders, Jules Pelaez. The minute I saw her I knew who she was. The glow gave her away! I’m not kidding – she exudes an all-over glow. Hair, skin, body, spirit. I later came to find out that the glow is a side effect of the Conscious Cleanse philosophy. So I embarked on the Cleanse shortly after returning from a photo shoot – perfect timing since shoots are terrible for self-care due to long hours and no time for “real exercise” or attentive eating habits. I’ve had a month or so since the Cleanse ended, long enough to reflect and arrive at my own perspective on the experience.


Here’s my bigger picture. After much experimenting with eating philosophies over the years, I am happiest and feel best when I focus on whole foods plant based eating. I am 98% vegan generally Engine 2 style. I stay away from refined foods for the most part. But my weakness is Kim & Jake’s cake! I’m not kidding. It’s sweets and desserts of most kinds, but from mid-Dec to mid-February I’m in danger of falling off the health wagon due to multiple events including xmas, my anniversary, wilder’s birthday and then in mid-Feb my birthday. It’s like a cake slog. There are nights when I just bring the big Tupperware down to the couch and each straight out of it. And it’s like the cake never ends. Or when it finally does, I seek another sweet alternative. So this year I took the opportunity to force my hand and move off the Kim & Jake’s and into spring health with the Conscious Cleanse.



Jo & Jules are two incredible women who have created more than a program. They’ve created a Movement. People do the cleanse and then make it an annual jump starter to realign their bodies and remember the habits that move them back to “best health.” There was a day when I tried to make a pureed soup in my blender and the heat of the base created pressure that blew the lid off the blender and sprinkled my kitchen with carrots. I posted this on the private FB group and was met with comments like, “Yep, rookie mistake. I learned that my first time too. Next time let it cool first!” In the end, it was a really cool experiment to add foods back into my diet after two weeks. Except coffee. I added that back after 12 days!


In a nutshell, if you are curious about your eating habits, specifically food sensitivities and how they may or may not affect your gut, then you may seriously consider the Conscious Cleanse. The next one starts in May. For a preview of today’s episode, we cover:


  • How Jo & Jules came together to create the Conscious Cleanse
  • Chronic pain and how food can heal
  • The emotional side of eating, cravings and more
  • Meeting people at their own starting points
  • Most nutrient-dense foods
  • #ditchthescale


Girl Crush time! I’m sure you’re feeling it through the airwaves. Imagine sitting next to these beacons of glowing light and energy day in day out. It definitely makes you want to say “I’ll have what she’s having” and the really cool thing is that you can. It’s not that hard. The Conscious Cleanse is like a gateway to a new way of looking at food. If you want to explore this deeper connection to food, cravings, sensitivities, and the Why behind what goes in our mouths, go here and consider doing the May Cleanse. Use the code “DEBOOM” for $10 off. Don’t forget!


Allright everyone – you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World! Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week.